Review: When Autumn Leaves, by Amy Foster

by Rebeca on September 15, 2009

[Editor’s Note: This review was written for the September/October issue of ForeWord Magazine]

When Autumn Leaves by Amy FosterWhen Autumn Leaves: A Novel 
by Amy Foster
Overlook TP
304 pages

When Autumn Leaves, the title of Amy Foster’s debut novel, refers not to Johnny Mercer’s song of lost love, but to the gentle and wise witch Autumn Avening, who has been notified of a promotion and has to select her successor from a list of thirteen names. It’s no easy task, for each person on that list holds a special power, which may or may not benefit the town. Autumn decides to hold a contest for an apprentice and choose her disciple.

This is the first book in a series about the town of Avening and its magical inhabitants. Foster introduces the main characters that readers can assume will be making their appearances in subsequent books with an expanded storyline. Each one has a whimsical quality that might be seen as personality quirks or traits in mere mortals; these qualities bring a unique twist to Foster’s story about the splendor and wonder of everyday life.

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