Alvah Cecil Bessie: This Writer’s Obsession

by Rebeca on June 4, 2009

“You’re obsessed!” My friends and husband tell me, and I can’t deny that for the past three years Alvah Cecil Bessie has become a preoccupation.

I’m not writing a biography, although I do have a solid foundation to start one, and who knows maybe I will. But I am writing a novel. Something that I call Julius. In the beginning, the story’s narrator, Corinne, ¬†mentioned Alvah in a soliloquy about the Spanish Civil War and the Volunteers of the Abraham Lincoln Brigades, but as I kept on writing Alvah crept in Corinne’s dreams. Then a few more rewrites and Alvah had a stronger presence. He became Corinne’s obsession, and mine as well.

As part of the month long tribute, I have a few surprises. The first one for today, for Alvah’s birthday, is an essay, “Two Fingers and a Thumb” by Dan Bessie, Alvah’s eldest son. There’s more to come, stay tuned. . . .


Alvah Bessie on HUAC Hearings, Hollywood Ten

Alvah Bessie on HUAC Hearings, Hollywood Ten


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