New Category and Weekly Event: What’s Cookin’, Good Lookin’? Sundays

by Rebeca on May 5, 2009

My husband and I are have gotten in the habit of making some pretty fancy meals on Sundays. This past Sunday was roast pork loin stuffed with figs, almonds and green olives accompanied by sauteed spinach with coriander and rosemary garlic roasted new potatoes. The week before was my version of a poor man’s paella with shrimp and zucchini.

We have a nice collection of cooksbooks that we use often and I thought, maybe since we love to cook and we love adding to our cookbook collection, so why not include reviews of our favorites and upcoming cookbooks?

The plan was to announce this on Sunday or closer to the weekend, but I’m simply too excited by this new event that I wanted to announce it today. Cookbook reviews will be posted every Sunday and I’ll include a favorite recipe with an accompanying photo of my culinary creation.  

Stay tuned and I hope that I inspire you to some gastronomic adventures in your own kitchen (and don’t blame me if you gain weight!)


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